From Done To Dare
From Done To Dare
A Podcast with Arne Friedrich

Your biweekly inspiration from incredible personalities, cracking the codes in order to handle life's unexpected events. At some point, all of us deal with moments of transition, and daring to do something new requires a leap of faith as we often face the fear of the unknown. In this podcast, we aim to take you on a journey to help you step outside of your comfort zone that you may reach your goals. Let us not settle but strive to become the best version of ourselves.

Episode 2

Transition and life changing circumstances are at the heart of what we are focusing on with From Done To Dare. We want to learn from people about their approach and mindset, and how they handled those situations. This weeks guest went through some intense experiences in his life, that the majority of us can’t possibly fathom,  and I am glad and honoured to have him on our show.

Prime Hall is a military veteran and one of America’s most elite Warriors. During a mission in Afghanistan in June of 2012 Prime and his friends were attacked and severely injured after a rocket propelled grenade hit their position. Prime knows about the importance of a solid mindset and a team you can count on. But what happens if things change and you are not being part of a team anymore? What happens if your job structure is gone and all of a sudden you find yourself in a whole new environment?

Prime is the Founder of two fast growing underwater sports called Underwater Torpedo League and Deepend Fitness. The idea behind it is to help people’s water confidence in a playful way. 

Prime developed his passion of underwater training right after his military career ended. From one mission to the next, as a retired Marine Raider he would need to find a new purpose after serving his country for many years. 

Episode 1

Join us as we discover what made Steve Nash become one of the greatest playmakers in NBA history, and how he translates his mindset and knowledge into new adventures after his career. Listen how he explains the idea that athletes die twice. As an athlete, you essentially have to die and grieve, and come out as a new person with a new purpose to live the rest of your life.

Steve is an 8 time NBA All-Star, he was called twice Most Valuable Player and made it into the Hall of Fame in 2018. Steve Nash is not just one of the greatest basketball players but also an incredibly talented soccer player. I have witnessed his talent and passion for soccer around two years ago on a soccer field in Playa Vista. It took me not even 10 seconds and two touches with the ball to see his abilities. After the game he told me that he grew up playing soccer. His dad John played professionally in South Africa and his brother Martin even suited up for his country. Steve is one of the biggest Tottenham fans and made it a priority to play twice a week ever since he retired. If it wasn't for that we probably wouldn't have had the chance to get connected. We are so excited to have Steve on our podcast and share with you the incredible insights he offered into his mindset.

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